Monday, August 24, 2009

Sterling and Glass!

You would not believe that talented lady that I met through the HandmadeArtistsForum! She is a UK based glass artist that creates absolutely unique designs. I had to have one of her roses to combine with chainmaille and the results are amazing. This black rose was hand formed by Sabine, who you can find at Etsy as well as her website. She shipped this treasure out quickly and when I opened the box it took my breath away!

I hand formed and wired to sterling silver leaves for the rose and then attached it to a sterling silver Persian chainmaille chain. This piece is meant to be worn high on the chest and looks amazing with an open necked shirt or dress.

I have another bead of Sabine's that I can't wait to get started with. This one is totally different, but just as stunning...stay tuned for the completion of that project