Monday, June 7, 2010

Vacation Inspiration

It is always amazing to me when we go on vacation that my mind is so much more open to new ideas...things that I would look at and shake my head over at home are suddenly wonderful new adventures. This phenominon is exactly how an amazing jewelry designer got her start! DreamAgainJewelry was on a holiday in Santa Cruz, California when she wandered into a bead shop. Struck by all the beautiful strands of beads she had to have what? With no jewelry experience to lean on she began with simple beaded, leather cords and soon was hooked!

DreamAgainJewelry, Stephenie in real life, is a member of the HandmadeArtistsForum who grew up in a small California town surrounded by animals and a loving family. She was a self confessed spoiled child who grew to love pretty, girly things.

She is a completely self taught artist, who has worked from the relatively simple style of a beginner, to much for elaborate works of wearable art over the last 17 years. Her designs have a beautifully, romantic feel to them and are pieces that you could wear every day and never tire of them.

She also does something near and dear to my own heart...Chainmaille! While maille is an age old art, designers will usually put their own spin on their pieces. Stephenie mixes metals in a wonderful way to really bring out the beauty of the weaves.

Want to see more? Of course you do! You can find this talented artist on Etsy, twitter and on facebook as well as get to know the lady behind the jewels on her blog.


lisianblue said...

Seems like a fun way to stumble upon a new and fun thing to do!! ON vacation and she does make some cool jewelry!!

Haffina said...

Great post about a very talented lady.