Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From an Early Age - AlchemyAtelier

There are some people that just have to create from birth and Shannamarie is one of those people.  She began as a child "sewing" doll clothes with construction paper and staples!  Her mom quickly got her a plastic sewing machine that just couldn't hold up to Shannamarie's creative nature and died after only a week.  The result?  She was allowed, under her mom's watchful eye, to use a real machine and the rest is history!

This early encouragement led Shannamarie to grab every bit of knowledge she could about tailoring, patterning and fashion history and later to become a costume technician; what a cool job!  Her focus, while always on fashion, is now geared towards jewelry and accessory design using bright materials in unusual ways
 Shannamarie has taken inspiration from her travels, like her trip to Taiwan recently where she soaked up the culture and even grabbed some beads!  You can read more about her trip on her blog.

Ready to see more?  Check out Shannamarie's blog to see some amazing pictures from her trip as well as links to her stunning jewelry!


trusk4u said...

Fabulous article! She sure has done a lot with her life and I'm sure we'll see and hear more from her! Love that ring too! :)

TamsJewelry said...

She has beautiful items,hard to choose a favorite!

lilmamad said...

Those bubbly rings are so fun!

Larissa said...

I love those "bubbly" rings too!

Haffina said...

She has a lot of natural talent, and you've got to love someone who made Barbie clothes! :D Great post.